Halal Catering Malaysia

It is true that Halal Catering Malaysia offers all the requirements of its clients to satisfy. This provides to its customers a wide variety of food choices to choose from. However, Halal Catering Malaysia works on many policies. The first is the policy of giving priority to Islamic law above other ethical codes. This article will focus on the second policy, which is more applicable for non-Halal food choices.

Halal Catering Malaysia

To start, Halal Catering Malaysia is a Halal company, which means that it follows the principles of Islamic law, which is based on Islamic beliefs . All their meals are Halal and according to Islamic law, they have to be prepared according to the standards of the religion. For example, Halal for Muslims is that which is prepared by a trained Shariah expert. And all their food products have to be Halal for consumption. This is applied in every aspect of catering from preparation to serving.

Secondly, Halal catering Malaysia follows the policy of maintaining the hospitality of the people of various religions and sects. They are supposed to be free from all forms of partiality is forbidden under the principle of takfir, which is the principle of strict and compulsory observance of faith. All their meals are supposed to be free of any pork products and other items considered as Halal for Muslims. This also includes dairy products, which are Halal for Muslim guests but not for non-Muslim guests.

The third policy is the implementation of sharia law in all aspects of catering Malaysia. Under this system, all Muslim restaurants and food service establishments are monitored by strict guidelines which are applied by the mosques. All actions and decisions of the mosques are implemented in the name of God and all non-Muslims are enjoined to bow under this rule. Hence, you will notice that under the sharia law, there will be only few dishes which are permitted for non-Muslims under the dining table in a restaurant. In other words, you will find no pork dishes or alcohol and wine in the menu of non mosque restaurants.

The fourth policy is known as “no pork dishes on the premises”. This is one of the toughest policies of Halal catering Malaysia. Basically, it prohibits pork dishes at all activities carried out by hotels, restaurants, food courts etc., are strictly enjoined under the name of God and religion. Therefore, it is very important to note that Halal for non-Muslims is different from Halal for Muslims. They are two separate classifications of Islamic law.

Halal Catering Malaysia is very famous all over the world for its food and hospitality services. Many tourists and travellers visiting various countries of the world including Australia, United Kingdom, Singapore, India, Dubai, Philippines, China, Malaysia and many other nations of Asia visit these restaurants to have a taste of the Halal food. These restaurants offer exotic dishes along with the most experienced service. Thus, Halal catering Malaysia has become very popular in recent times.