Digital Conference in Selangor

If you are looking for an event that brings together government representatives, associations, start-ups, and other key players from the digital transformation space, you should consider attending the Selangor Smart City & Digital Economy Convention (2022). Its main objective is to unite the various stakeholders in the field of smart cities and digital transformation to enhance the local and global economy.

Selangor International Business Summit

Selangor is a leading state in Malaysia, with proximity to major markets in ASEAN and more than 200 of the world’s leading corporations. The region’s sophisticated commercial ecosystem and highly developed infrastructure make it a highly attractive investment destination. According to Dato’ Hasan, the state offers an innovative business environment complemented by a comprehensive ICT ecosystem and manufacturing hubs.

The state’s growth has been supported by the state government, which has invested heavily in industry 4.0 and big data, as well as an integrated digital business platform. With these advantages, the state has positioned itself as a regional trading hub and a preferred destination for multinational companies. It is also a great gateway to ASEAN and the rest of the world.

Selangor International Expo

The Digital conference at Selangor International Expo will address issues in digital technology and trends. The expo’s four conference tracks will feature speakers from the tech world, as well as from government agencies and non-profits. These sessions are designed to foster networking, as well as to help companies understand how to improve their digital strategy.

The third installment of the expo, which is being held from 6 to 9 October, will feature 112 booths from 86 industries. Besides healthcare and pharmaceutical products, it will also feature a number of professional chefs from all over Malaysia. The conference is expected to attract 250 attendees.

Selangor Smart City & Digital Economy Convention

The Selangor Smart City & Digital Economy (SMDC) Convention will bring together industry players, academics, and other key players in the field of smart cities. It will take place from 6 to 9 October 2022 at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre. The convention will provide participants with business matchmaking opportunities and enhanced brand visibility.

SDEC 2022 will focus on the challenges and opportunities in digital transformation in Selangor, with a particular focus on strengthening the digital ecosystem of SMEs. To meet this goal, it will bring together SMEs, academics, and industry leaders to discuss solutions and frameworks for smart cities and digital economy.

This four-day convention will be packed with speakers, panelists, and exhibitors from the public and private sectors. There will also be a hackathon, an exhibition of smart city technology, and a Future Commerce Forum with more than 60 world experts.

Selangor International Culinary Festival

The Selangor International Culinary Festival is the most significant event in the food industry in Malaysia. Organized in cooperation with the Professional Culinary Association (PCA), the expo features a culinary competition, a master class in gastronomy, and a forum featuring top Malaysian chefs. The festival is held annually in October and attracts over 8,000 attendees.

The event showcases the growth and diversity of the food and beverage industry in Selangor. It also facilitates business visibility and idea-sharing. The Selangor International Business Summit is also held during the event, and runs for four days. The event is hosted by the Selangor State government and Invest Selangor Berhad.

Selangor International Healthcare Conference

The digital conference at Selangor International Healthcare Conference aims to bring together experts in different fields to explore the latest innovations and technology in healthcare. The conference will focus on three key themes: financing, population health, and the future of healthcare. The conference will be held from November 19 to 21.

The conference will include a digital conference, as well as a physical conference. The digital conference is intended to help participants reach out to potential business partners and clients, and is a vital part of the overall event. This year, the event will be held alongside physical exhibition booths to create an even more robust experience for both participants and exhibitors. As the world’s economy begins to accelerate, Malaysia is becoming a more popular conference and exhibition destination. The country was recently named the top conference destination in Asia for 2020.

Digital conference attendees can expect keynote addresses from renowned speakers and invited panel discussions to inspire and educate. The conference program will also include successful project presentations and in-depth panel discussions, all of which aim to promote significant exchange of ideas and solutions.

Selangor Research, Development and Innovation Expo (SRIE)

SRIE is one of the most important platforms in thought leadership. It is an avenue for the discovery of new inventions and technologies, as well as an opportunity for networking. The expo also features knowledge sharing programs and research and development competitions. This year, SRIE will feature a pitching session to foster R&D&I in Selangor.


Selangor is one of the most progressive and dynamic states in Malaysia. It has established value chains across a variety of industries and has advanced physical and online connectivity, making it an ideal gateway to ASEAN and beyond. The state has consistently positioned itself as a regional leader in five core clusters, including pharmaceuticals, aerospace and digital economy.

In addition to exhibiting products, SRIE will also host several parallel knowledge sharing programmes, including a Research & Development competition and a pitching session for the Selangor R, D & I Expo. The expo will also feature the SELVAX initiative, which is aimed at reducing the number of deaths and disease cases associated with the AIDS pandemic.

SPARK 2022

SPARK 2022 is the second edition of Selangor’s international innovation expo, which will be held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia from 6th to 9th October. The event will be an excellent opportunity for entrepreneurs and industry players to network and discuss the latest technology and business trends. It will also serve as a meeting point for key stakeholders in the industry, as well as potential investors.

This event is backed by the state government and organized by Invest Selangor Bhd, the state’s economic development arm. Its theme is Selangor: Gateway to ASEAN, and it promises to bring together global brands and industry players from all over the world. This year’s event was held at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre (KLCC), and Cheng Hua was one of the companies invited to participate. The company was invited to the event as a technical consultant for the COMPASS project.

Ansary Entrepreneurship Competition

The Selangor Research, Development and Innovation Expo, or SRIE, is an innovative platform that encourages direct peer engagement and knowledge sharing. Innovators can pitch their ideas, interact with potential partners, and discover new technologies and innovations. The event will also feature a research and development competition and pitch session for Selangor’s R&D&I.

The event features student teams pitching their design projects to a panel of judges. The judges will evaluate the quality of the proposal and presentation, as well as the value proposition. The winners will be announced on the final day of the Innovation Expo. The winners will receive prizes totaling $17,500.

Thomas H. Scholl Lecture

The Thomas H. Scholl Lecture by Visiting Entrepreneurs features prominent visiting entrepreneurs and executives who have started or improved successful businesses. This lecture series is supported by a generous gift from Stevens Board of Trustees member Thomas H. Scholl, a high-tech entrepreneur.

Health Expo

Health Expos are free events designed to educate the public about health issues. They are interactive and family-friendly. They can be part of a community wellness initiative, workplace wellness program, or public health intervention. The purpose of a health expo is to educate the public about preventive medicine. A health expo can help you spread the word about health problems and offer free health screenings.

Community health expos are free

Community health expos are free events that provide health information to the community. Many will include health screenings and activities for children. Many will also include take-home gifts and free food. Children can also get free COVID-19 vaccines, and participate in fitness demonstrations. Parents can also find resources at these events.

The Islamic Center of Naperville and the Community United Methodist Church in Naperville, Illinois, recently held a community health fair. There were eight physicians and 20 nurses on hand to provide free screenings. These included blood pressure checks and glucose screening for diabetes. Other health screenings included a flu shot and basic eye and dental exams. The most important of these are diabetes and high blood pressure screenings.

They are interactive

Interactive elements are a big part of health and wellness events. Health Expos are hubs of information and education. To make these events more fun and interactive, corporations can set up challenges related to the diseases they want to spread awareness about. They can also offer raffle tickets or special prizes to winners. Some health and wellness events even use virtual booths, where attendees can get stamps that can be turned into giveaway entries.

The Community Health Foundation’s 22nd interactive health fair will be held from 4:30 to 6:30 p.m. on Wednesday at the Hollenbeck Bayley Arts and Conference Center, located at 275 S. Limestone St. The event will feature free health screenings, health vendors, and refreshments. The event is sponsored by Park National Bank, Mercy Health, and Villa Springfield.

It is important to create measurable goals when planning a health fair. Considering that 79% of employees report high stress levels, it makes sense to host a health fair centered on mental health and wellness. Themes such as seasonal health observations can also be used as a basis for your health fair.

They are family-friendly

The annual Health Expo is a great way to promote healthy living in the community. It features more than 100 exhibitor booths covering health and wellness topics. It includes information on heart health, fitness, nutrition, and more. There are also hands-on activities for children and giveaways for parents. The event is free for all ages, so the entire family can attend.

There are activities and demonstrations for the entire family to enjoy, including free health screenings. There are also plenty of vendors and free food to enjoy. It’s a great way to learn about healthy lifestyle choices that are right for you and your family. It’s a great place to get more information and meet other local health-care professionals.

Organizers credit the support of the community with making the Health Expo family-friendly and successful. Last year, more than 400 children attended the event. It featured representatives from health care, nutrition, and mental health. In addition to free dental screenings, there were fun activities and games for the kids. The children also enjoyed story time, arts and crafts, and a beach-themed photo station.

They educate the public on health issues

Health Expo is a public health event organized by organizations to raise awareness about health problems. It provides information about various health issues and promotes healthy lifestyles. A series of events and activities is held in cities and towns across the United States to educate the public about health care. The events range from educating the public about public health to raising funds for local nonprofits.

The event also included a series of lectures aimed at bringing awareness about health issues. One lecture focused on the impact of racism in healthcare. It facilitated conversation between medical and public health students. It also featured presentations on preconception health, the impact of smoking cessation, and CPR. Another highlight was a women’s self-defense workshop led by two university police officers. The women who attended learned how to defend themselves, avoid attackers, and prevent dangerous situations.

The health fair also offered a number of screening services. For example, participants could receive a breast cancer screening and a spinal screening. However, depression was not covered. However, more health fairs should offer services to help people address their mental health issues.

Food Expo Selangor 2022

Food Expo Selangor (SIE) is an industry-focused international trade exhibition in Malaysia. The show will be held at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre from the 6th to the 9th of October 2022. It will feature over 9700 square metres of exhibition space in Halls 1-5. It is organized by the Selangor State Government and powered by Invest Selangor Berhad.

SIE Medic

The SIE Medic Food Expo Selangor aims to promote healthcare innovations, provide a platform for networking, and showcase the latest in food and nutrition technology. The event is expected to draw more than 5,000 health industry professionals and experts. The show’s parallel events include the Selangor International Culinary Festival, Worldchefs Endorsed Culinary Competition, and the Malaysia Chefs Forum. The event also offers a conference aimed at engaging healthcare key issues and strengthening the profile of the event by bringing together healthcare experts.

The SIE Medic Food Expo Selangor is scheduled for 6-9 October 2022. The event will bring together industry experts and leading players, offering a rare opportunity to network and learn about the latest innovations and technologies. It will also bring together potential investors and key ecosystem players, offering comprehensive support to attendees.


The Selangor International Expo (SIE F&B) will showcase the diversity and growth of the food and beverage industry in Malaysia. The event is also a platform for businesses to connect and exchange ideas. Its other component is the Selangor International Business Summit, a four-day event that will bring together key players in the food and beverage industry.

The SIE (F&B) exhibition is one of the largest food and beverage events in Malaysia, with more than 25,000 industry professionals expected to visit. It is a unique platform for companies to launch their new products and network with other industry professionals. Visitors can also discover trends and find fresh opportunities at the show.

SIE (F&B) caters to the needs of everyone involved in the food and beverage industry. The show features a wide range of exhibitors exhibiting the latest food ingredients and technologies. It also features fresh agricultural products, ready-to-eat meals, baked goods, confectionery and much more.

SIE Medic Supermarket Buyers Programme

Food Expo Selangor, or SIE Medic as it is also known, is an industry event that brings together key players in the food and healthcare industries. The event takes place from 6 to 9 October at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre, with a floor area of over 9700 square meters. It is an opportunity for the industry players to network and share new ideas and developments. The event is hosted by the Selangor State Government and powered by Invest Selangor Berhad.

The event is free to attend, although registration is required. The fee for participating in the event varies from RM600 to RM670 per square metre, depending on the facilities and space available. It is also open to international companies that are interested in tapping Malaysian potential.

5 Food Expos That Are Beneficial For Your Business

When it comes to food, there are a lot of food expos to choose from. There is the True World Foods Expo, the Global Dairy Expo, the International Pizza Expo, and the Process Expo. These events are a great way to learn about upcoming trends and products. Food expos can also be beneficial for your business, so it’s important to choose the right one for you.

True World Foods

True World Foods is the world’s largest distributor of seafood. The company’s upcoming Food Expo in New York City will celebrate sushi culture and the cuisine of Japan. The event is slated for Sunday, September 18 at the Metropolitan Pavilion. The event will feature more than 50 companies representing food, culinary and lifestyle trends.

Global Dairy Expo

WDE offers a variety of educational programs to attendees. The WDE website features searchable exhibitors by company name, category, or product, which makes it easy to find the exhibitor that best fits your needs. In addition, the Expo Knowledge Nook showcases new products and services. It’s the one-stop shop for a successful Expo.

International Pizza Expo

If you’re in the business of making and selling pizza, the International Pizza Expo is the place to be. The event brings together industry leaders and suppliers from around the globe. You’ll be able to network with peers and learn about new products and services, as well as discover new trends in the industry.

Process Expo

Process Expo is an annual tradeshow that showcases the latest technologies in the food and beverage processing industry. It brings together all sectors of the industry and offers powerful partnerships. The show offers the latest solutions for consumers and retailers, along with educational seminars and learning centers. The event is organized by PLMA and takes place in Chicago each November. Exhibitors at Process Expo include top companies and academics.

Organic Grower Summit

The Organic Grower Summit is an annual event that brings together the industry’s leaders for education and networking. The event features sessions from industry panelists and a keynote address by the Organic Trade Association CEO. It will address issues facing organic producers and growers today. It will also address the federal government’s support of the organic industry’s growth, including its support for underserved communities.

Hotel Experience Expo

The Hotel Experience Expo is a two-day conference and tradeshow that brings together the hospitality industry. The event features a Marketplace where buyers can meet sellers, networking sessions, and a show floor. The two-day conference also offers informative panels.