In Malaysia eyewear is always had an important importance because of the high rate of vision impaired conditions in this country. Malaysia has very high blindness and vision impairment rates which are similar to other developed countries in the South East Asia area. This means that there is a big demand for these items in this country which has led to an increase in supply of these eyeglasses and reading lenses. The increase in demand has also led to the high price of these eyeglasses.

Prescription glasses in Malaysia are sold in almost every mall, shopping centre and outlet around the country and especially in Penang and Singapore. Although it is not compulsory for a Malaysian to have a prescription glasses or contact lenses, most of the people prefers to have these things. They are preferred by people who want to enhance their vision and who lead a very active life. A few leading eyewear brands in Malaysia like Cauce Vision, Winfix, Levolor, Phoenix, Oakley, Acuvue, RayBan and Prada are quite popular among the general population.

There are three major players in this field of eyewear industry, i.e. Cauce Vision, Winfix and Prada. All these three brands have established a major market share in Malaysia. The major players in this field to compete in several industries including eyeglass production, sunglasses manufacturing, contact lenses and in many other aspects. This is the reason why eyewear manufacturers from Malaysia have introduced many innovations into the eyewear industry to meet the demands of the customers from different parts of the world.

Malaysia, being a tropical country, has a large population which includes people with different lifestyles and needs. As such, eyewear manufacturing companies from Malaysia always focus on developing products that can be used by people with different spectacles, as this helps them meet the requirements of their regular users. For example, eyewear manufacturers in Malaysia like Acuvue, Winfix, Cauce Vision and Prada have launched products that can be used by individuals who do not need to wear spectacles on a daily basis. These products include frequent replacement lenses, progressive lenses and bifocal contact lenses.

One of the most popular products introduced by these brands is the progressive lens. This type of lens is specially designed for individuals who frequently need progressive or bifocal contact lenses to help them see well. The progressive lens is made from a high-index polycarbonate lens which gives the same distortion free appearance like that of regular spectacles. In addition, this lens is made in such a way that it reduces the emission of ultraviolet rays. This enables individuals with vision problems to use contact lenses without any optical flaws.

Another important product from Malaysia is the Acuvue sunglasses. This brand is famous all over the world because of its crystal clear lenses which enable people to get rid of eye strain and also to see things clearly. Acuvue ensures that there is maximum comfort and maximum functionality from their contact lenses. They also ensure that their lenses are approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) throughout the year.

There are many optical goods stores in Malaysia that sell prescription glasses and other spectacles. Some of them also sell contact lenses which are not approved by the FDA. If you want to purchase prescription glasses or spectacles in Malaysia, it is advisable to check out the accredited and reliable online optical stores that offer great discounts and great deals.

An eyewear store in Malaysia named “Chua Kaca-Kapa” (which means “black eye” in Chinese) sells a variety of sunglasses and spectacles in different styles and designs. Some of the popular brands are named after famous Malaysian celebrities such as Ong Teng, Perfume Bops, Sixt, Jamie-boy and Chinedu. All the products sold by this store are imported from China, Hong Kong and other Asian countries. Some of the sunglasses and spectacles by this store are priced reasonably and customers can buy them at affordable prices.