What really helps against erection disorders

In Germany, every fifth man suffers from potency problems for more than 30 years. Until now, the only effective therapy was lifelong medication. But now studies show that erectile dysfunction is curable in many men.

Potency agents promise to re-establish the co-ability at the moments when it is important. The funds on the market have been known as PDE-5 inhibitors for about 15 years. They become lifelong companions for men with erectile dysfunction. However, not only for the body, but also for the relationship, the use of medication is a permanent burden. Men and their partners complain about the loss of sexual spontaneity and – in a very special case – the lack of effectiveness sexual enhancers. The diagnosis is before the therapy.

Therefore the highest principle should be for all concerned: the restoration of potency! And here it is true: do not be ashamed and wait forever, until the pleasure disappears, because the frustration becomes so great; But go to the doctor early and do neradin erfahrung something about it.

The most important guiding principle in medicine: “Before the therapy is the diagnosis!” Applies, of course, also in the treatment of potency problems. Meanwhile the diagnostic measures are so fine that the organic causes of erectile dysfunction can be precisely differentiated. The penis contains a large number of small and smallest vessels, nerves and muscle cells. A possible cause of erectile dysfunction is therefore constricted blood vessels, which prevent that sufficient blood flows into the corpus cavernosum. The result: The penis does not become hard enough to penetrate a penetration. These narrowed blood vessels are controlled by a special ultrasound method – color coded Doppler duplex sonography.

Also important: so-called smooth muscle cells in the cavernous body. Not visible to the naked eye, but of great importance for potency. Simply speaking, the smooth muscle cells are responsible for the fact that the erection remains hard enough to carry a sexual intercourse up to the orgasm.